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About Getting Back to My Future

  Why this title?

This blog is about getting back to what is of primary importance in our lives. It's about getting back to the core or centre of faith. That core is Jesus. It's about getting back to Him which is the only future any of us have.

My Hope


My hope is to cut through all the peripheral junk that has become Christianity and get back to Jesus, following Him and help you do the same.

While there are many excellent churches out there, by in large the institutionalized Church in North America is sidetracked. It has become more about politics, being a lobby group, morality police, using the Bible to support hate and other agendas. It's time to get back to being followers of Jesus, fashioning our lives to His.  

Just to be clear, the Bible, nor the life of Jesus never allows for us to hate another person. Period! Unfortunately, the church and many Christians are more known for our hate and contempt than for demonstrating the life of Jesus.

We need to get back to what matters - being a follower follower of Jesus.



I want to speak to those who are turned off, or turned away from church. I understand. The church has often excluded people when we are clearly called to embrace all. The church is guilty. But I beg of you, don't through the baby out with the bath water. Please don't turn away from God because of the church. I'm not asking you to go to church. I'm asking you ti consider what Jesus is offering you. The church is not Jesus.


Way to many people look to the behavior both within the church and to what is directed to those outside and come to the conclusion, 'if that's a Christian, I'll pass.'. Worse yet they assume God is just like his followers. Nothing breaks my heart more. 


If that sounds like you, I want to meet with you thru this blog. Again, it's not about getting you to go to church. It's about me being very interested in you knowing the love of Jesus and His Father. It's about cutting thru the nonsense [inconsistencies, hypocrisy] that has turned you off and calling out the church that has rejected you [oxymoron]. It's about about getting to the core, getting to Jesus, minus the cultural nonsense and religious traditions. In other words no need to adopt all the Christianeze, no need to be a Borg [more later]. I'm only asking you to just believe in and put your faith in Jesus - I'll show you how.

I believe the North American institutional church is broken


I do not believe the church accurately reflects Jesus as it should.I believe a reformation [think shakeup] is coming to the church the likes of which we have not seen since Martin Luther. Past moves of God in the past century focused on Holy Spirit [Azusa St] and Father heart of God [Toronto]. This one will focus on Jesus - bringing the church back to Jesus and to our call to be Christ Followers. It will be mind blowing.

I desperately want you to know Jesus...


His love for you and your identity in Him. That love extends to everyone - despite what you might have been told. As you read the New Testament, you will never find Jesus rejecting anyone who sincerely sought Him out. He didn't then, He doesn't now and He never will. YES, that includes you.

...and for you to put your trust in Him, not the church, lobby group nor morality police force.

This blog will not be laced with theological jargon or an array of deep thoughts. I just want to talk straight with you. I hope you will join the journey.

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