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I  have been an ordained pastor within the Christian church for more than 10 years serving in three churches and several Christian ministries and charities. I am frustrated by so many people being spurned by the church and made to feel welcome, unworthy or otherwise marginalized. It also bothers me that so many people are leaving the church for good simply because they can no longer put up with the behaviors of some members. I want to talk with these people. To show you it's about Jesus... and nothing else. 

I get it. I, too, have experienced this spurning due to his marital status [divorced prior to becoming a believer] to the point it is now next to impossible for me to work as as pastor. I get it. But, I also have a deep passion for everyone to know Jesus despite the church.

I no longer call myself a Christian

I now refer to myself as a Christ follower. You may respond by suggesting that those are the same thing. They should be the same thing. But the difference between the two, in too many cases, has become so great I had to change the wording.

It's not just semantics.


I'm tired of having to defend the indefensible behavior of some Christians. I don't want to defend the hate directed at various communities in our society. I don't want it assumed I hate those communities as well. I don't want to defend the wrong side of a political issue because some church leader says its biblical to hate or vote a certain way.


What I'm really interested in is sharing Jesus with you. The real Jesus and His amazing Father. When we cut through the nonsense, we see the real Jesus who is irresistible. That's why this blog is called, Getting Back to My Future. Jesus!


Motivated by everyone seeing the real Jesus, the real Father. They probably are different than you think.

Is it possible to know what God is really like? When asked what God was like, Jesus responded, 'if you have seen me, you have seen the Father'. Not... if you have seen the church, you have seen the Father. If you want to know God, look at Jesus. I will do my best to keep all the junk out of the way so you can see Him clearly.

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