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LGBT: Random Thoughts / Where I Land

November 23, 2016


You would think, by observing the Christian church, that the Bible speaks about homosexuality and nothing else. Of course, this is not the case and, you may be surprised to learn, it speaks very little [some would say not at all] about same sex attraction.


In this blog post, I want to share several random thoughts about Same Sex Attraction and explain where I land on all of this. Next blog post, I will discuss the biblical passages that bear on the issue. But let me start with this…


Condemning same-sex relationships is harmful to LGBT people. Jesus taught that good trees bear good fruit, but the church’s rejection of same-sex relationships has caused tremendous suffering to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. That’s BAD fruit. That’s wrong. Hear me: hurting, judging, condemning people is never justified. Never. As such, much of the Christian church in North America needs to repent of their actions and attitudes.


People with same sex attraction struggle like the rest of us never will. A little perspective: How would you feel if suddenly the tables were turned and you were told that your heterosexual attraction was evil and more evil than anything else?




1. The Bible says very little, if anything, about same sex attraction.


It has much more to say about gossip, judging, hate, pride, money, and interpersonal relationships. It is worth noting the Jesus never discusses the topic, yet SSA was a common occurrence at that time. The Bible seems deliberately unconcerned about it. Why? Because the Bible was given to us to examine ourselves, not others.

Jesus makes an hilarious illustration when asked about what someone else was doing wrong. He says that we should be less concerned with the speck in the other person’s eye than the log in your own. Good advice. Worry about others once your life is perfect. You can get back to me.    


2. The church has been wrong before.


When you look back over history there are many times the church started out on the wrong side of an issue and had to change its stance. There was a time when the church used Bible passages to ‘prove’ slavery was God’s will, that the suffrage movement was of the devil and that racial prejudice was God ordained.

I believe the church is wrong again. If your interpretation of the Bible allows you to hate, condemn and judge someone else, your interpretation is wrong. Period.

You might react that simply disagreeing with someone is not hate nor condemnation. True. But the way we disagree often is. We can do better.

James says, ‘you ask and do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives…’ We’ve been wrong. Asking God to condemn the ones He loves is a wrong motive.


3. Everyone is entitled the same love and respect that Jesus has for ALL people.


I heard a speaker say once that God only judges that which interferes with love. What he meant was that God is angrier with our hateful attitudes than any issue with someone else. The Bible also says the mercy triumphs over justice. Love trumps all!

In Romans 13:10 its says, ‘: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' Love does no harm to its neighbor.’ It’s time we start to live this. We’ve been harming our neighbour. It’s time to give up this SELF-subscribed role as morality police to our culture.

I want to say this to you who are victimized by some people’s misinformed zeal. As a pastor/minister, I am sorry. You have been treated poorly and without justification. The same love, worth, identity and acceptance that Jesus offers me extends to us all. The church doesn’t deserve your forgiveness but I hope you will consider it. Please, please, don’t give up on Jesus because of these people. Please.


4. There is still a requirement however.


This does not mean that for lesbians and gay men anything goes. If you rely on the Bible for guidance and inspiration, lesbians and gay men will feel bound by the core moral teachings of the Bible: be prayerful, revere God, respect others, be loving and kind, be forgiving and merciful, be honest and be just. Work for harmony and peace. Stand up for the truth. Give yourself to all that is good, and avoid all you know to be evil. To do that is to follow God’s way. To do that is to love God with your whole heart and soul. To do that is to be a true follower of Jesus.




I have said that I believe the Bible says very little if anything about true same sex attraction. Next time, I will discuss the passages that many call on to disagree with that. They are sadly known as the ‘clobber’ passages. I hope you will join that discussion.


I believe that gay behavior is appropriate within the confines of a committed, loving, monogamous, lifelong, Christ-centered relationship.





If this issue matters to you, please don't base your views on something like "Mike says this". Take your time to study the Bible for yourself. Read the passages in their context. Read arguments on both sides of the issue, and don't be afraid to ask difficult questions.

Follow Christ at all costs. Nothing matters more than that.





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