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April 15, 2017




The greatest news that has ever flashed from heaven to earth is that Christ the Lord is risen. The angel at the tomb delivered the most important message ever to fall on the ears of mankind:


“He is not here: for he is risen”


Those words changed history. Brought hope to a hopeless world, and gave us a purpose and a power that we had never known before.


The first day of the week, somewhere around sunrise, it was discovered that the tomb was empty. That which is normal was shaken.


He lived His life showing us the Kingdom of God. He lived among the questionable and the riff raff, of society. They were just doing the best that they could just to survive.


He growled at the religious leaders about their lives and actions, because they were doing what they thought was best for themselves.


He walked among mankind. Trying to reach us, trying to get our attention on God. Trying to show us a better way.


The people of that time kept looking at the religious establishment, and thinking, ‘so what?’ They asked, “what have you got to do with today’s world? How are you important or relevant? Nobody wants to live like you say”.


So outside of religion, He kept on. He kept loving, and kept living, and reaching out.


He was killed for His efforts. It seemed that His life had come to an end. It seemed that His efforts were over. But that Sunday morning, the tomb was empty.


Maybe some of you have lived life just doing the best you knew how to do. Maybe you know someone who is struggling with life and of some of its situations and issues. Things don’t seem right.


Teenagers in rebellion, business deals gone sour, close loved one died. Marriages are falling apart, people are dying from drug overdose, getting sick from diseases that didn’t even exist a generation ago.


It hurts, it’s confusing, seems dark. Ever feel like what’s the use? Ever feel like this whole thing is just wrong? Maybe your considering the essence of your own life and it feels like it’s awfully empty?


You think you will never measure up. I will never be good enough. I smoke, drink, have told lies, been divorced three times, I’m bankrupt.


But never the less God cares about you.


Many,  way too many, have looked at the religious establishment of today and have declared, so what? What do you have to offer in today’s world? You don’t know what’s going on. You don’t know how bad it can be.


You just feel empty. But that emptiness is not a bad thing, it’s supposed to be there.


The Empty tomb simply showed what way too many people spend most of their lives discovering. That without God it ends up empty. For all our trying, working, learning, living, having a family just to have the whole thing come apart. What’s it all about?


But don’t panic.


The Empty tomb was really good news! Here’s why. You see His life was not over. He was not done. The rest of His life was still to be lived. At first on that Easter Sunday, when they discovered that the tomb was empty, they started to panic. But really it is just a sign of what we need.


Can you picture this? The women show up at the tomb on Sunday morning. The stone is rolled away. The tomb is empty. The women cry out “Oh No, what have they done with our Lords body”?


What do you suppose God is doing right then? Smiling. Of course. See He knows what is coming. He knew Jesus rose to the place where He reigned and ruled over all that there is. And He still does.


So, let’s think of the dissatisfaction in your our lives, or in the lives of those that you love and care about. There is an emptiness, a lot like a tomb. Kind of like His tomb. That is not a bad thing. It is normal.


Trying to acquire things, … call it a house, bank account, car, getting high, drugs, gambling, sex, some call it security. Call it a family, find a spouse, have a child, some call it love. It will never fulfill because it is missing an ingredient.


The tomb of Jesus was empty, because Jesus rose to become all He was meant to be. That is what God wants for everybody who has learned to love Him. To rise and be all you were meant to be.


His tomb was empty, because, He was not in it.


Your life will always seem empty if He is not in it. I’m using the word empty; but we could call it discouragement. We look at our life and we feel tired. Maybe loneliness has set in, or frustration. Our life just isn’t satisfying. It seems kind of empty somehow.


It seems kind of empty for the same reason, that tomb seemed empty two thousand years ago. Jesus is not in it. There is just not enough Jesus in our lives.


He so desperately wants to fill and raise up the lives of all those who love Him.


Today, He wants to make a difference.


You know ABOUT Him. If you have heard the stories, seen the movies. But have you ever gotten to KNOW Him? And come to love Him. It’s time.


It’s time to get more Jesus.


Time to open your hearts to Him, open your minds, and let Him fill you with His Love, His life, and start to really live and have the life that He wants you to have. Which is a life of love, contentment and happiness, peace with God and power for living.


Don’t forget this message. He rose up and wants you to do the same.


Write to me if you are not sure how to get more Jesus. I would love to help.


Happy Easter!



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