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What would Jesus Say... to me?

August 4, 2017





A local church is doing a sermon series involving what Jesus would say to various celebrities. The signboard asks the question, what would Jesus say to….

  • Brad Pitt.

  • Johnny Depp.

  • Madonna

  • Bono


A quick Google search gives me a whole list of hits on what someone thinks Jesus would say to…

  • The transgendered person

  • The Gay Community

  • Muslims

  • Refugees

  • Those dealing with PTSD

  • The sick

  • Churches

  • The National Rifle Association

  • People in a Same Sex Marriage

  • Donald Trump

The list goes on and on...


But I’m wondering if what Jesus would say to a celebrity is the right question to ask?


I am pretty good at figuring out what Jesus would say to others. I have an amazing ability to hear a sermon and wonder if Person A is hearing this? Or to shake my head and think, “Man, does Person B need to hear that!”


But the question I need to be asking is what Jesus would say to Mike? That is where I get less comfortable and a bit more reserved. My fantasy conversation with Jesus happens (surprise) at Starbucks. The first question would be WWJO. What would Jesus order? After we answered that vital question I wonder what He would want to say to me…


I think a face to face conversation with Jesus would change how I go about my daily routines. I believe that conversation would alter how I view others. And I believe my talk with Jesus would energize my walk with Him.


So, the next question is simple. Why isn’t that already happening on a consistent basis.


So, what would Jesus say to me? I think He would say something very simple and yet profound enough to challenge me for the rest of my days. Here is a little medley of the message I think He would have for me (and you).

  • "Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will make you fishers of men."Matt 4:19

  • But Jesus told him, "Follow me….”Matt 8:22

  • "Follow me," he told him, and Matthew got up and followed him”. Matt 9:9

  • "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.” Matt 16:24

  • Then come, follow me."Matt 19:21

  • Finding Philip, he said to him, "Follow me."John 1:43

  • Whoever serves me must follow me.”John 12:26

  • Jesus answered, "If I want him to remain alive until I return, what is that to you? You must follow me."John 21:22

In the immortal words of Forrest Gump…,’I’m not a smart man”. But like Forrest I have a keen sense of the obvious.


I have surmised (brilliantly) that Jesus would say to follow Him.


The rest of it we will figure out together with Him.


So... Are you a follower of Jesus or just someone that is after His free gift? What does it mean to be a FOLLOWER of Jesus?




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